Parents Gifting Dilemma

Parents Gifting Dilemma

Its that time of the year again….Christmas and the Holiday season are here and the dilemma of what gifts to buy for your children challenges the best of us. Why not buy gifts that are empowering and support the development of your child? Children want to have fun, so wouldn’t it be  great to give a fun gift that also enhances their Sensory development.

We have put together some ideas which your child might enjoy and each one contributes to the growth and development of your child.  We hope this give you some inspiration.

OUR NUMBER ONE FAVOURITE ITEM: (Win – win for parents and children)

A scooter board is without doubt one of the key items to have in your home. It offers a hugely versatile and fun piece of equipment and a firm favourite with children too. This is a great piece of equipment particularly when swings are not able to be used in the home environment.  The scooter board provides fundamental Sensory-Motor feedback to your child. Playing on a scooterboard helps improve postures against gravity, strengthens the core muscles, improves balance, enhances bilateral coordination and builds visual -motor skills. All this while still providing hours of fun.



Children love playing on a swing and its so good for their development. We so often see that children lack regular experience of big movements. Large movements are hugely important for motor skill development and if there is a possibility to install a swing at home, this can be a huge asset to your child’s Sensory and Motor development.   A Trapeze swing, Hang Tight rings or a Hammock swing are ideal swings for the home environment. A hammock swing is an ideal option for movement; the hammock provides deep pressure and offers a calming effect and is great for developing Body Awareness and addressing Motor Planning skills.

Always ensure that any swing is securely and safely installed and that there are mats underneath to prevent injury.

Don’t be daunted by installing a swing.  Watch our quick tutorial.  It really is that easy.

Installing a swing at home



Hand-eye Coordination, Proprioception and Visual-Motor skills are all essential for writing skills. These skills are readily supported by playing various ball games. Throwing and catching weighted balls, balls with bells inside, bouncing on therapy balls, catching and dribbling various types and sizes of balls develop fundamental skills.


Here are some additional fun ideas to compliment a Sensory area in your home:



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