Specialised Services

Book a consultation with one of our sensory specialists


Because each child is unique, it is important to ensure that you are choosing the correct pieces of equipment to meet your childs’ needs, goals and interest levels.

Book a consultation with one of our sensory integration specialists who will custom design a space with the best equipment that meets the specific needs of your child, school or organization.

Purchase a single or package of training sessions with one of our specialists in your home or school and learn how best to use your equipment to ensure your child’s unique goals are being met, whilst having heaps of fun.


Allow us to create a bespoke space for your home


Spaces at home

Having the right kind of equipment in your home environment is important in ensuring that therapy goals are supported at home. In treatment of sensory integration and motor planning, children who are provided with regular opportunities to interact with specific sensations, develop better self-regulation and emotional-regulation. Creating a unique space for your child that fits in with your home is our passion.

School specific spaces

Schools in the Middle East provide wonderful inclusion opportunities and often on-site therapy. Ensuring the availability of equipment that can be used in therapy sessions, with learning support personnel or in the classroom, can mean the difference between calm and focused learners and dis-regulated learners. Allow our specialists to create a space and provide you with the right pieces of equipment to meet the needs of the diverse learners at your school.

Create a space for your therapy center or organization

According to Ayres Sensory Integration® some of the essential principles for the delivery of effective intervention using a sensory integration approach include; not only qualified personnel but a safe environment with equipment and activities rich in vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile sensations. Allow us to source the precise equipment that fits your centres’ expertise and client base in order to meet these goals.