What makes sensoryTIME special

What makes sensoryTIME special

We supply  SENsational equipment that empowers

sensoryTIME are headed by passionate Occupational Therapists with specialist knowledge in Sensory Integration, assistive tools and equipment. Our team have over 35 years of combined experience in the field. We know how important it is to ensure that children’s overall development needs, as well as therapy goals, are supported in the classroom environments.

Recognising the learning potential in children and working toward reducing the barriers of children with SEND is our passion.

We understand children with additional needs and are able to support the school, to ensure that the unique needs of these children are correctly supported. We feel strongly that children with additional needs, require a little more help in the classroom and playground in order to reduce barriers to learning.

The cornerstones of our business are:

  • Identifying needs of children with SEND
  • Matching equipment to specific needs of children
  • Providing professional expertise and support to SEND families, departments and teachers
  • Identifying and sourcing high quality, safe therapeutic equipment

Our professional skills and expertise allow us to liaise with teachers and SEN Departments in the school to identify the needs of children and to match the appropriate equipment.

We provide support and training for the personnel who will be using the equipment. Our intervention can mean the difference between calm and focused learners and dis-regulated learners. Even the simplest pieces of equipment, when correctly used, can make immense differences in supporting children to meet their potential.

Identifying the needs of children with SEND

When children present with barriers to learning in the school, it’s important for teachers and support staff to fully understand those needs. Our therapists have years of experience in interpreting therapy reports and assessments, while identifying how each child’s needs will be impacted in the school setting. Early intervention is fundamental in meeting requirements of children with needs, whether minimal or extensive.

Matching equipment to children’s specific needs, creating the right space in the school.

As Occupational Therapists, sensoryTIME specialists, see the incredible benefits of treating children in the school setting and ensuring that each child has the opportunity to better process their world outside of the therapy setting.

In support of the inclusion framework of schools in Dubai, our specialists provide consulting advise. We help create a space and provide the right pieces of equipment, to meet the needs of the diverse learners at a school.

Each child is unique; therefore, it is important to ensure that correct pieces of equipment are selected to meet the child’s specific needs, goals and interest levels.

In co-operation with the SEN department in the school, sensoryTIME custom design spaces that meets the needs of their pupils. We advise on and match the most appropriate and effective equipment and are able to make recommendations on the placement of the equipment within the school and classroom.

In consultation, we hand-pick the most appropriate equipment pieces, to include existing playground equipment, SEN spaces or items in the classroom.

Providing professional expertise and support to SEND departments and teachers

Training sessions with our sensoryTIME specialists, guide staff on how best to use the equipment. Our insight ensures each child’s unique goals are being met, whilst still having heaps of fun. The additional  skills empower the SEN department and teachers to use the equipment optimally and provide the children in the school with the care and service they deserve.

Benefits for the SEN department:
  • The school provides a service that makes developing fundamental Developmental, Cognitive, Sensory-Motor, Visual Perceptual skills a fun and enjoyable experience for children and teachers
  • The requirements of children with additional needs are better met
  • Accommodations within a child’s individual education plan (IEP) are addressed
  • The school improves their knowledge and expertise in providing the best service to the children in their care
  • Schools are equipped with top of the range, diverse, safe and effective equipment

Identifying and sourcing high quality, safe therapeutic equipment

sensoryTIME source top of the range, versatile equipment to schools in the MENA region. We source equipment that we Know is appropriate and love from suppliers that we trust.

Equipment pieces can be:

  1. Small items ideal for use in classrooms…
  2. Items to support the SEN department…
  3. Larger sensory spaces and therapy-based gyms
  4. Supporting existing play spaces

We have had the pleasure of working with many prestigious schools in Dubai and the UAE.

Contact us to see how we can support you to provide a sensational experience for your school.

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