TheraPutty 100gr Blue – Firm

dhs 52.50 (incl. VAT)

Product Description

TheraPutty is the leader in resistive hand exercise material.

Squeeze, pinch, stretch or twist TheraPutty to strengthen hand muscles, improve fine motor skills, and decrease stress.

Changing the putty resistance will increase or decrease the difficulty level. Stimulates functional activity and teaches joint protection techniques. Excellent tool for hand/arm strengthening needs. Used to develop stronger grip.

Thera Putty™ is a clean non-toxic, non-oily and bleed proof exercise putty that leaves no colour or residue on a patient’s hands.  Anti-microbial additive resists growth of odour-causing microbes.  TheraPutty is gluten, latex and casein free.


Yellow  – Super Soft resistance;     Red  – Soft Resistance;    Green – Medium resistance;     Blue – Firm resistance


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